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Delphine King

MAKE IT A MINDSET: Why Sustainability Needs to be More Than Just a Project

Delphine King

Executive Director, The Long Run

sustainability stage sustainability stage

MAKE IT A MINDSET: Why Sustainability Needs to be More Than Just a Project

We are now at a crossroads: the planet needs minds to shift quicker, and that includes how we view the concept of sustainability. This insightful talk from one of the world’s most respected conservationists will explore why making sustainability into a mindset, and shifting attitudes from short-term to long-term – from exploitative to nurturing – is the only viable option for taking businesses into the future. Delphine will demonstrate how the 4Cs (conservation, community, culture and commerce) can act as a framework for taking a holistic approach to truly embed sustainability into an organisation.


HOW TO MASTER: Getting Started on Your Sustainability Journey (Without Feeling Overwhelmed)

This masterclass will focus on how to make the 4Cs (conservation, community, culture and commerce) the guide for your journey to true sustainability – using them as a mindset to understand that long-term business growth is inextricably linked to nature and community wellbeing. You’ll hear actionable takeaways, including five easy ways to reduce resource and increase profits, and how to communicate your vision to staff and guests. The session will also look at wider concerns in your sustainability journey, from understanding your place and identifying your role and relevance, to finding the right partnerships and transferring skills.

About Delphine King

A passionate conservationist and social scientist, Delphine King has worked tirelessly for more than 20 years as a freelance consultant in some of the world’s most vulnerable areas to fight for marine and terrestrial conservation while also helping communities use sustainable resources and get involved in conservation efforts. Her philosophy for solving the world’s challenges centres around the beliefs that sharing, collaborating and changing mindsets is fundamental, and that business – especially nature-based tourism – has enormous potential to protect biodiversity and be a vehicle for sustainable development. These beliefs underpin all of her inspiring work. As Director of The Long Run – a network of like-minded tourism businesses committed to protecting nature and improving the wellbeing of local communities – she nurtures and showcases the leaders positively impacting tourism and inclusive conservation and spreads her holistic approach to sustainability based around the balance between the 4Cs. The Long Run have created a truly unique space that transcends competition, stimulates creativity and innovation, and ultimately drives positive, collaboration change.

Sam Conniff Allende

BE MORE PIRATE: The Art of Professional Rule Breaking

Sam Conniff Allende

Author & Entrepreneur, Be More Pirate

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BE MORE PIRATE: The Art of Professional Rule Breaking

Realising that most of the ‘rules’ of work are just age-old bad habits that need to be broken is one of the most important breakthroughs you can make for you and your company. All it takes to change the rules – and get away with it – is for you to prove your new ideas work. This boundary-breaking headline talk will shatter the preconceptions surrounding rule breaking; encourage you to ‘Be More Pirate’ in your approach to business; and inspire you to stop asking permission, and prepare to start asking for forgiveness instead. After his Main Stage talk, join Sam for an interactive workshop that will help you rip up the rulebook on traditional business and learn how to truly master the art of professional rule breaking.

About Sam Conniff Allende

As a purpose-driven strategy consultant, Sam advises brands such as Red Bull, Unilever, Mercedes, and Rolex, where he advocates ‘business as unusual’ and encourages leaders to step up their corporate responsibility and accountability. Plus, with 10 start-ups to his name – including a Bafta-winning content agency, a genre-defining interactive TV Series and an industry-leading creative youth network – there isn’t much that this multi-award-winning serial entrepreneur hasn’t achieved. His inspiring book, Be More Pirate, or How To Take On The World and Win, was published in 2018 and acts as a manifesto for each of us to create the sort of ‘good trouble’ the world so desperately needs.

Rebecca Mackenzie

A TASTE OF PLACE: Creating Food Tourism Experiences with a Positive Impact

Rebecca Mackenzie

President & CEO, Culinary Tourism Alliance

A TASTE OF PLACE: Creating Food Tourism Experiences with a Positive Impact

This innovative masterclass will look at how brands can develop partnerships along the food tourism value chain, running the full spectrum of touch points – from farms, fishermen, beverage producers and farmers markets to restaurants, hotels, culinary schools and tours, local attractions, festivals and events. You’ll learn how to enhance your visitors’ experience, support local economic development and provide increased return on investment for your business.

About Rebecca Mackenzie

A passionate advocate for Canada’s food tourism experiences, Rebecca Mackenzie facilitates marketing partnerships, develops award-winning tourism products and manages a range of community development projects to help clients develop their own ‘taste of place’. This exciting intersection of food, agriculture, tourism, arts and culture plays a key role in all her projects – from Ontario’s non-profit Culinary Tourism Alliance to Canada’s leading travel event, the Terrior Symposium, and the cross-industry collective, Grow Food Tourism.



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